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Sec 29, gurgaon...the area with too many places, too many options where to dine...prankster has simply made its mark there....

Prankster, they got huge place...divided into many interesting sections such as hostel room, mixology, liberary....hostel room there is too good...they got amphi theatre seating too....and the outdoors, they got outdoors from front of the building nd from the backside as well...there are scooters lined up in a way to create seating options, they have high rise tables set up and then there is this jeep at last and installed in similar fashion to sit down nd have a few snacks....

Food nd drinks served by them, both were good....the freshly brewed beer as well...and also the cocktails to mention....

  • One of the cocktails I tried there was"Garmi mein sardi ka ehsas", it was a whiskey based cocktail. It was served in a steel glass with loads of ice n ginger syrup....wasn't too sweet, wasn't too hard

  • Another drink I had there was dark roasted fresh brewed beer. They got a few options from freshly brewed beer, this one was one of those. As I always desire to get some fresh brewed beer, so I had to have one pitcher. 


  • Dahi bhalla was one of those starters, which gives you the first impression, a good one, and you start expecting more, much more from the place to offer. It was one of a kind, I have had dahi bhalla in past from many places, but never ever experienced it with nitrogen.

  • Sambhar cappuccino with dosa papad (dehydrated dosa papad) was another dish to leave you delighted that dosa sambhar can be served in this way as well. There was sambhar in a cup and papad crisps of dosa. sambhar tasted very good, and dosa papad was very crispy. Indeed up to its name. 

  • Then there was pav bhaji zinger, served 4pc in a plate, they were placed inside rubix cube leaving us to wonder where is pav bhaji. There was just a red chilli on top of every cube and little prank by chef. Prank to left in mystery here for you to find it out yourself. Pav bhaji zinger was another wonder by the chef, it also had a vada in between.  

  • Now comes honey chilli potato, one of the heaviest and tastiest honey chilly potato you could have. It had a little flavour of papad. 

  • And then there was this pizza, it had a very thick but light base. The crust wasn’t the normal pizza base, in fact the  was made of the patty crust and it was awesome to have that pizza, it tasted very good.

Almost whelmed up with these delicacies, there was main course and desserts, that included dal makhani, spinach, paneer & breads for the mains and as for desserts there was good old pineapple cake & pranked rose kheer.

Pranked rose kheer was a thing of beauty. There was kheer, there were almonds, there were roses in nitrogen…all kept separately to be given finishing touch in front. The roses in nitrogen freezes the petals and with the touch of chef, rose petals are doped on that lovely kheer.
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